Dr. Paul Williams provides chiropractic care with clinical excellence in Harrison AR.

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Harrison AR

Welcome to the Movement Chiropractic located in Harrison, AR. Dr. Paul Williams and his staff are dedicated to providing an amazing experience for anyone wanting to get out of pain and maintain their health. With over 25 years of experience, Dr. Williams uses chiropractic, therapeutic rehab, and nutrition to solve many chronic symptoms as your Harrison AR chiropractor.

Movement Chiropractic

In 2021, after spending 25 years as a chiropractor in Minnesota, Dr. Paul Williams moved to Harrison, AR. As you can guess, he wanted to move somewhere warmer, where life is a little slower and the people are more friendly.

Dr. Williams saw the need to open Movement Chiropractic as your Harrison, AR chiropractor for a growing city that is underserved. At the Movement Chiropractic, Dr. Williams is using his vast knowledge and many years of chiropractic experience to help the people of Harrison, AR and surrounding cities to find relief from pain and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Movement Chiropractic is conveniently located one block off the old downtown Harrison square behind Sam Alexander Pharmacy on Rush St. With plenty of parking and little traffic, it makes it easy and convenient to make your appointment at Movement Chiropractic.

Not all chiropractic clinics are alike. Dr. Paul Williams and the staff at Movement Chiropractic in Harrison, AR genuinely care about you, your health, and your experience. Whether you need a specific treatment plan that incorporates adjustments, therapeutic exercises, and stretching to stop chronic pain or you are looking for just a few treatments to get rid of headaches, nagging spine pain, or joint issues, Dr. Williams caters to each person's specific needs.

Patients at Movement Chiropractic receive complete adjustments that last. Unless you are looking for a quick "in and out" visit, at the Movement Chiropractic our patients experience a visit complete with muscle and joint stretching, exercises, a thorough evaluation, and end their session comfortably relaxing on a massage chair. No two people are alike, and neither is the treatment.

Never received a complete adjustment to relieve your pain? Not able to hold your adjustment because your spinal muscles have never been stabilized and strengthened? Feel like you have been rushed through your previous treatment by a chiropractor who doesn't seem to care? Give Movement Chiropractic a call to see if Dr. Williams can help you.

common conditions treated

As your Harrison, AR chiropractor, Dr. Paul Williams treats many common conditions. Some of these conditions He treats include: back pain from pregnancy, headaches, neck and shoulder pain, and chronic lower back pain. Dr. Williams has helped thousands of people get out of pain and stay pain free. Many patients that see Dr. Williams have no pain and choose to see him for wellness care to continue feeling great and staying healthy.

Injured in an automobile accident or at work? Dr. Paul Williams is your Harrison, AR chiropractor for injury treatment. He has many years of clinical experience treating these kinds of injuries. His approach to relieving nerve irritation, tight and taught muscles, joint inflammation, and strengthening areas of weakness include using nutrition, muscle strengthening, stretching, breaking up joint adhesions, and aligning the spine to provide pain relief that lasts.

common misconceptions

Is chiropractic safe? Dr. Williams has successfully treated thousands of people including infants, children, elderly, and pregnant women to relieve them of neck and back pain, headaches, and many other issues.

Is chiropractic affordable? Movement Chiropractic offers both health insurance and cash plans to make treatment affordable for everyone. Many families are now able to afford chiropractic for their entire family with the Movement Chiropractic family plans. You won't find a more affordable chiropractic clinic in Harrison, AR.

Do I always have to go to the chiropractor once I start? The quick answer is "No". Everyone has different health goals and Dr. Paul Williams works with each patient individually to provide what works best for them.







At Movement Chiropractic our chiropractic team is ready to meet with you to discuss your needs. We will help to design a program that is right for you. We look forward to meeting you.