Car Accidents – Tips for Recovery in Harrison AR

Car Accidents – Tips for Recovery

Car Accidents – Tips for Recovery in Harrison AR

There are on average over six million car accidents that occur in the U.S. each year. Many of us will at some point experience this kind of trauma so it’s something we need to understand.

The great majority of car accidents are not fatal. They can be as simple as a 5-mph rear impact that puts a scratch on your bumper. What’s interesting is that some of the most detrimental long-term injuries occur from those low-speed impacts.

An impact at low as 5 mph can cause severe whiplash in the neck. That impact can tear or damage ligaments, and herniated discs, or even cause compression fractures. Many of the injuries that occur don’t have immediate symptoms, and that’s where the real problems begin.

The Common Path

After an auto accident, there are some people that never seek treatment and others that go to a general medical practitioner. For those that do go to a medical doctor, most are sent home and told to ice and take pain meds.

The doctor giving advice in most cases is not trained in how to look for the issues that can happen in a motor vehicle accident. They mean well but end up sending the patient home without a proper examination or treatment protocols.

In far too many cases patients end up with long-term problems that could have been corrected if the proper treatment had been available.

The Correct Path

If you or someone you know has been in an auto accident it’s very important to be evaluated as soon as possible, by a qualified chiropractor. A proper exam and evaluation can mean the difference between a life of pain and a successful outcome.

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